Works with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Increase engagement by encouraging visitors to share a text message with your page’s URL through native SMS on iOS and Android devices (button will not be visible on desktop devices). To use the Text This! sharing button on iOS and Android mobile devices, copy and paste the code below into your website’s HTML on the pages where you want to display the sharing button:

<div id="texthis" style="display:inline-block"></div>
<div id="ttmess" style="display:none">Your message here.</div>
<script src=""></script>

If you use WordPress, click here to download the plugin to install and activate. Use this short code in the page or post content where you want to display the sharing button:

[texthis txtmessage="Your message here."]

To include in a WordPress theme template use:

echo do_shortcode('[texthis txtmessage="Your message here."]');

Remember to change “Your message here.” with the text you want to pre-populate your sharing message – the message will be formatted with a thumbs up Emoji (👍) at the beginning of the message and the full URL of the current page at the end of the message.

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How the Text This!
sharing button appears
on your mobile page.

(Note: will only display on mobile devices)

Text This! Sharing Button

The Text This!
preset message in the
sender’s SMS App (iOS)

(Note: your own page URL will display)

Text This! Message Composing

The delivered Text This!
message in the
recipient’s SMS App (iOS)

(Note: your own page information will display)

Text This! Message Received


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